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Life in Art offers Pavarotti fans the chance to enjoy the ultimate listening experience, whilst dining at the home of the incredible tenor.

Luciano Pavarotti broke boundaries through music, bringing opera to a new, global audience and astounding fans with his clarity of tone and charismatic stage presence.

Revered the world over, his legacy lives on through his work and the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation, the charity set up in his name. But what if there was a way of conjuring his presence at the touch of a button? Decca – Pavarotti’s original recording company – has released a unique tribute to the maestro that brings a true sense of his talent to your home.

Life in Art is an immersive music player enclosed in a handcrafted case that fuses home entertainment with fine furniture to celebrate Pavarotti’s artistry, style and creative soul. A limited edition run of just 10 pieces, this decadent objet is both a tribute to the great man himself and the ultimate expression in audio luxury. Inside the case, every note Pavarotti recorded for Decca is presented on an intuitive digital music player with all 130 hours of music remastered in MQA format (Master Quality Authenticated), removing any noise introduced by the technology of the past, leaving the recordings’ sonic beauty intact.

Luciano Pavarotti Foundation

Furthermore, the master tapes of seven canonical opera sessions have been restored and preserved at eight times the quality of a standard CD. Crowning the collection are the world’s most exclusive opera recordings, unheard multitrack tapes of nine iconic arias, newly-discovered in Decca’s archives and mixed by Pavarotti’s original sound engineers in Dolby Atmos®. This creates an overwhelming three-dimensional sound experience, as if the twentieth century’s greatest opera singer is performing in your home.

Life in Art also celebrates the maestro’s little-known passion for oil painting. The art case is also a playful invitation to be creative, as Pavarotti would have wished. It contains a lifetime’s supply of artistic tools, from manuscript paper and stationery (inscribed with ‘Rubata da Luciano Pavarotti’ in homage to his habit of stealing pencils), to a Winsor and Newton set of fourteen brushes and sixteen oils, IN MUSIC MARVEL Life in Art offers Pavarotti fans the chance to enjoy the ultimate listening experience, whilst dining at the home of the incredible tenor. INDULGE | 59 60 | specially selected to match Luciano’s palette.

Additionally, it presents high-resolution prints of ten paintings by Luciano Pavarotti, enclosed in a leather folio. Hand-crafted for a thousand hours by furnituremaker David Linley, each display case is individually numbered and signed by the makers on a polished silver plaque. Veneers can be tailored to match any décor, with a design that hints at the drape of an opera curtain, interlaced with marquetry detailing the musical notation of ‘Nessun Dorma’.

The case opens to reveal one of Pavarotti’s paintings of Venice depicted using twenty-six hand-laid, sustainably-sourced veneers: a tribute to the maestro’s colourful style and warm personality. Intrigued? Decca Luxe has ensured that purchasing Life in Art is as exquisite an experience as listening to the recordings themselves. Buyers are presented with an invitation to experience the art case firsthand in Venice, followed by a tour of Pavarotti’s home and a private dinner with his widow Nicoletta Mantonavi.

Private jet travel with Private Fly is also available at preferred rates. A beautiful example of decadence and tech in harmony, sales of Life in Art also support coaching and performance opportunities for young opera singers at the start of their careers via the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation. Life in Art is commissioned at a cost of 95000 USD.

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