Ted Boman – CEO, Gina Tricot

Gina Tricot, the Swedish fashion chain for women in over 30 countries, made the headlines recently for its ongoing commitment to sustainability and cutting waste.

Gina Tricot is now part of the Circular Fashion Partnership, set up by the Denmark-based Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), which strives to make the clothing industry greener. The Swedish fashion giant is now working alongside the likes of Marks & Spencer, H&M Group, OVA, and Peak Performance to facilitate circular commercial collaborations between major fashion brands, textile and garment manufacturers, and recyclers to create and implement new ways to capture and direct post-production fashion waste back into the production of new clothes.

This is just one example of Gina Tricot’s dedication to reforming the fashion industry, which is one of the world’s most resource intensive sectors. It accounts for 4% of greenhouse gas emissions, 20% of industrial water pollution globally, while many workers face low pay and dangerous work conditions. Fortunately, the company is working hard to change this.

“We are continuously improving sustainability in all parts of the value chain, while aiming to be a strong commercial brand which can offer our customers a seamless fashion shopping experience,” Gina Tricot’s CEO Ted Boman says. “In 2021 we will launch the Customer Choice initiative – Gina Tricot will strive to offer the best sustainable choices on the market at every customer contact point. We like to team up with the customers and offer the most sustainable choice, together we can make difference.”

With more than 15 years of experience leading and developing international retail operations – and in his most recent experience as CEO at Junkyard – Ted has spearheaded Gina Tricot for just over a year.  He also has previous experience as Head of CDON Marketplace, CEO at Polhem PR and Managing Director at Oriflame Cosmetics Indonesia to name a few.

Like almost all businesses around the world, the COVID pandemic has forced Gina Tricot to alter its planning and outlook to ensure it remains competitive in unprecedented times. “Due to the virus situation, we have adjusted our growth budget for 2021,” Ted explains.

“We have had lockdowns in some of our markets, which have impacted sales. At the same time, our online business has grown rapidly – it has been a difficult period but looking back, we have learned a lot about our strengths and weaknesses, the situation has forced us to improve ourselves in several areas.”

However, its ultimate goal has remained unchanged and the company has big plans over the coming years, as Ted says, “Gina Tricot’s journey to be the number one recommended fashion brand among women will progress a long way over the next five years – we always aim to be a sustainable progressive brand other companies look up to.”

Tuning into what women really want when it comes to fashion is one of Gina Tricot’s strengths. The company is (mostly) run by women for women so it can relate to its customers. The website states: “Each day, we ask ourselves: Would I wear this? What items would I match with this? How can we make this item in a more sustainable way? However, besides offering a wide selection, you also need to have a special flair and the right instincts. It’s both demanding and fun ensuring that the silhouettes, colours, and quality are in sync, along with all the planning to ensure that the right items, reflecting the right trends, are in stores at the right time.”

The company is able to get its unique collections into stories as quickly as two weeks after the designs have been created, which is an incredibly rapid turnaround. Everyone working for the business ensures flexibility and flawless logistics – manufacturing takes place in Europe and Asia and Gina Tricot’s collections are always adapted to the preferences of its customers. This way Gina Tricot are able to meet the customer demands and avoid over production, more sustainable from both economical and ecological point of view.

“We ask our customers about their experiences from how we serve them at the counter and online, and what they think about our collections,” Ted concludes. “To have a dialogue, a humble attitude, and truly listen to our customers is a very important part of our brand recognition today. Our view on women’s fashion – inspiring, more sustainable, high-quality clothes that elevates the wardrobe and makes people smile. Fashion with personality and a strive to never be satisfied with last season’s improvements. Always aiming to develop and become even better.”

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