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From the smallest household appliances to the largest industrial machines, electric motors are the unseen heroes of society. As the CEO of ELIN Motoren, a company that has become one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of electric motors, Wolfgang Landler is at the forefront of this essential technology.  

For over a century, ELIN Motoren has been at the cutting edge of electric motor innovation. Founded in Austria in 1892, this company has a long and storied history of developing and producing electric motors and generators for a variety of applications. From powering pumps and fans to providing propulsion for marine vessels and generating electricity, ELIN Motoren’s products are essential to modern life. And with a focus on custom solutions and repair services, ELIN Motoren has solidified its place as a leader in the industry. As we rely more and more on electric motors to power our world, ELIN Motoren will continue to be the driving force behind it all. 

Starting small 

But this hasn’t always been the case. In just nine years as CEO, Wolfgang Landler has helped ELIN Motoren achieve impressive growth and success. “In 2013, Elin was just Austrian based, with one plant, and it was trying to serve the globe from a single point,” Landler recalls. “My biggest focus has been the global production expansion; this was the first step to growth.” And it’s clear that Landler’s efforts have paid off, as ELIN Motoren has already reached its 2025 revenue goals and established itself as a leading manufacturer of electric motors, serving customers around the world with innovative products and motor solutions. 

Landler’s journey to the position of CEO at ELIN Motoren was a circuitous one. Initially brought on as a business consultant for a six-month assignment, Landler quickly made an impact at the company, impressing the former ownership with his expertise. As a result, Landler’s assignment was converted to a permanent position as CEO, bringing with him over 20 years of management experience. “I was excited by the role,” Landler says. “ELIN is a well-known brand, and every young engineer in Austria wants to start with ELIN. With the increase of decarbonisation and digitisation, our products are trendy, which makes the global business very interesting with lots of potential for growth and developing new technologies.” 

"Every young engineer in Austria wants to start with ELIN"

Growth and expansion 

Under Landler’s leadership, ELIN Motoren has focused on cost efficiencies and access to key markets through growing global production. One key example of this is the company’s decision to set up a production facility in India, which has allowed ELIN Motoren to better serve the Asian market. Another strategic move was the acquisition of a key metal supplier in Hungary and incorporating them into the ELIN Motoren family, streamlining the company’s supply chain. Likewise, Landler highlights the decision to set up a production facility in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the most cost-efficient European market, as Landler and his team seek to optimise the company’s manufacturing processes and manage costs effectively.

As Landler points out, “We now have very reductive and efficient manufacturing setups, and managing costs activates growth.” And as he notes, “A key factor of our success, especially against larger competitors, is managing a global supply chain.” These efforts have been crucial in making ELIN a truly global company.  

As ELIN Motoren looks towards the future, Landler is aware of the growing macro-economic challenges facing the company. “It is a tricky situation with the cost of materials and logistics all going up,” he says. However, Landler and his team have a clear strategy in place for 2030, with a goal of reaching €250m in turnover and continuing to grow. To support this growth, ELIN Motoren recently sold its remaining stake to shareholder Voith, a mining company that has now taken ownership of the company. Despite the acquisition, Landler is quick to assure that “the full acquisition of ELIN by Voith will have no impact whatsoever on business operations.” In fact, Landler sees Voith as a strong partner that can help ELIN Motoren manage its growth and continue to innovate. “We are very happy to find ownership in them,” he says. 

Maintaining distinctiveness 

"We can innovate faster and serve products that serve customers’ needs"

As ELIN Motoren competes with industry giants like Siemens, GE, and ABB, Landler recognizes that the company’s independence is one of its unique selling points. “We can innovate faster and serve products that serve customers’ needs,” he says. This focus on innovation has already led to significant developments at ELIN Motoren, such as the introduction of water-cooled jackets for motors that have had a major positive impact on customer performance. A well-cooled motor also has a longer lifespan and is more sustainable in the long run. With the support of new ownership, ELIN Motoren is well-positioned to continue driving innovation and growth in the electric motor industry. 

Such innovation is at the heart of ELIN Motoren’s success, and building strong relationships with key suppliers is a crucial part of the company’s innovation strategy. As Landler knows, these partnerships are essential for driving R&D efforts and meeting the changing needs of customers. “We have developed key supplier relationships over time,” Landler says. “By partnering with suppliers who understand the needs of our customers, we can ensure that our products are meeting their needs, and both we and our suppliers have the customer in mind.” 

Sustainable advancement 

Managing the development process for electric motors can be steep and costly, but Landler and his team at ELIN are up to the challenge. “It is both expensive to produce and ship, so we have to manage well,” Landler says. By leveraging the strengths of its key supplier relationships and focusing on operational efficiencies, ELIN is positioned to continue growing, especially as demand from markets such as wind energy and decentralised energy generation is forecast to grow.  

In the electric motor industry, sustainability is increasingly important. And as one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of electric motors, ELIN, under the leadership of Landler, are driving progress towards a cleaner, more efficient future. From powering pumps and fans to providing propulsion for green tech, ELIN’s products are essential to modern life, and with a focus on custom solutions and repair services, the company is poised to continue its impressive growth. As Landler and his team at ELIN Motoren look towards the future, all the progress they have already made points to a bright future for the company, as it keeps the world in motion. 

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