Geoff Walsh – DHL

Geoff Walsh

Who hasn’t heard of DHL? The international logistics giant has been an industry leader for more than four decades, and operates a service in 220 countries and territories across the globe – more than any other global brand.

Country Manager for DHL Express UAE Geoff Walsh has been with the organisation for more than 24 years and has been based in the Middle East since 2000. “I’ve had the privilege to manage and lead Oman, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East road network, and now the UAE,” he says.
Geoff’s enthusiasm for his team and the company is infectious; it is rich and genuine. When asked about his long history and what it is about DHL that has kept him loyal to the brand for more than two decades, he says: “We want to pioneer, we want to lead the way, we don’t
want to be followers. We want to push boundaries. As an individual, that’s a great place to be and it´s even better to be
with a company that allows you to push for new solutions.

“We believe in continuous improvement. Our mantra at DHL Express is ‘Everybody, Everyday, Everywhere, a little bit better’. If 1200 DHL International Specialists throughout the UAE improve even slightly each day, it will lead to an incremental increase in efficiency and productivity. We are always refining and assessing our processes, and ensure clear visibility so that we can review and measure success with confidence. I’m proud to say that DHL supports a continuous improvement culture throughout the business.”



DHL is more than a logistics chain. The brand retains and enforces strong company values that allow employees to feel part of a valued and trusted global family. “We put a lot of time and effort into recognising our employees,” says Geoff Walsh.
“At DHL we recognise that the overriding success of the business is achieved through our people. If they are happy then we will see much higher levels of motivation, which leads to greater service for the customer therefore resulting in increased customer loyalty.”
As one of the largest companies in the world – DP DHL has close to half a million employees, while DHL Express has more than 100,000 – Geoff and the company believe in their ability to impact on people lives positively. This is one key goal they are working to achieve through their corporate social responsibility strategy. “We are continuously looking at how we can further reduce carbon emissions both on a local and global level whilst ensuring we leverage our global network and reach to improve people’s lives,” says Geoff Walsh.

As for their clients – or “partners” – Geoff’s team position themselves as expert advisors in logistics, educating customers on how to make the most out of their business, how to trim costs whilst increasing production and how to keep tabs on fluctuating markets. Geoff Walsh says:

“Our responsibility is not just to do what the customer has asked but to advise them on how they can improve their business. If they grow, they’re more successful, and that makes us more successful.”

What we can expect to see from DHL moving forward?  “We are the largest international logistics company in the world,” says Geoff Walsh. “We know we will remain that way and continue to grow through the innovative solutions we offer, always ensuring the best market leading
service for our customers.”

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