Eyal Tryber – CEO, Maytronics

Maytronics, a global leader in robotic pool cleaners, takes the stress of owning a swimming pool. As CEO Eyal Tryber points out, ‘you buy a pool to enjoy it, not to work hard for it.

A private pool is one of life’s great treats but keeping a pool sparkling clean, sanitary, and in good running order is a necessary practicality most people could do without. As the global leader in robotic pool cleaners, Maytronics pioneered its ground-breaking technology on a kibbutz in Israel some 37 years ago, and it continues to drive innovation while holding the lion’s share of the market.

Today, Maytronics’ Dolphin brand encompasses the broadest range of robotic pool cleaning solutions available. There’s a Dolphin robot for any pool type, from above-ground pools to in-ground pools of any shape and size, not to mention pools in hotels, campgrounds, clubs, and apartment complexes. You name it, Maytronics has it.

Based in Maytronics’ HQ in Israel, Eyal is a passionate CEO who has been with the flourishing company for over a decade, and at the helm since September 2015. Over the past decade, Maytronics has grown its top line by an average of about 15% every year, with average EBITDA growth of 19%. As a public company, listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (40% is owned by the public and 60% is owned by Maytronics’ original kibbutz owners), it has a market CAP of over $1.3B.

Eyal points to long-term strategic thinking, sustaining profitable growth, and accountability as the company’s prime tenets, noting that a disciplined approach to business is key to upholding them.

“We are extremely focused on our sector and a limited number of products,” he says. “Today, 90% of our revenue comes from robotic pool cleaners, and the rest from our safety pool alarms and pool covers. We are also developing a unique water technology solution which, together with our robots, aims to create an exceptional pool water experience. Other industry-related opportunities are constantly being presented to us, but we’re committed to staying focused on our core categories and continually creating innovative solutions for our partners and customers.”

Today, the company enjoys about 48% of the market share in its pool industry categories and operates in over 63 countries through more than 100 carefully selected distributors, with subsidiary companies in Australia, France, Spain, the US, Germany, and a representative in Argentina. On the one hand, this reach guarantees the company has access to tens of thousands of points of sale through retail and online networks, while on the other, it ensures the stability needed to maintain strong overall results, even if a given region experiences an economic or health crisis, such as COVID-19.

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