Beauty Special: Face The Future

We meet London’s top aesthetic practitioners – a doctor, a cosmetic pharmacist and a surgeon – for the lowdown on the next generation of beauty treatments and how to get that summer glow.


Simply the Best

Dr Youssef established Simply Clinics in 2014 and has since grown to 4 aesthetic practices around London. Not only is he one of the most skilled Botox doctors in the business, his ethos of inclusivity means that he is committed to offering a range of solutions for all ages, ethnicities, and skin types. He tells us what makes his approach so special.

What do you love about your work?

The most striking thing about my job is the ability to transform someone’s confidence in their appearance with just a few very simple and targeted injections, often within a short space of time.

Is there a Dr Youssef ‘look?

My ethos is all about enhancing beauty, not dramatically changing it. Our flagship clinic is based on Kings Road in Chelsea, where our demographic consists of sophisticated, high-end men and women, the majority of whom prefer a natural-looking aesthetic. The ‘Simply Clinics Chelsea Look’ offers plump, hydrated lips, soft contoured profiles and a balanced alignment of the face. I use a combination of non-invasive procedures to create harmony in the profile, without any type of work being evident. Trends will come and go so ultimately; I always keep to noticeable yet subtle outcomes with very little downtime.

What treatments do you specialise in?

We focus not only on anti-wrinkle injections but also on a host of other skin and body treatments. Focusing on just one type of treatment gives a very narrow view and prevents the more holistic approach needed for each patient. While some patients will come to see me specifically for one area of concern, most of the time my patients are looking for advice on what would work best for them and their individual features.

What are you most proud of in your career?

I am most proud of growing 4 branches with very little investment in advertising in the early stages. For nearly 4 years, we relied on word-of-mouth to market ourselves in a competitive industry. Sticking with our principles of excellent care and competitive prices has helped us to expand very quickly and meet the needs of our customers. In 2020, we became an award-winning clinic, which reflects our success.

What does success look like to you?

Patient satisfaction and happiness is the ultimate success for me. Patients get great joy in very small changes to their appearance and it’s enjoyable being part of that patient’s journey. Positive feedback from patients helps to motivate me to continue treating more people in an ethical and honest manner.


Ready, Get Set, Glow

Dermanda Clinic is one of London’s best-kept beauty secrets. Loved for its laser treatments, next-generation injectables, facials and skincare line, a visit to this Harley Street practice will leave you feeling like a million dollars.

Dermanda Clinic’s Awatif Mandour is a woman who understands beauty. A highly experienced pharmacist, formulator, and cosmetic practitioner, she has trained with the finest aesthetic doctors around the world, including the Kardashian family favourite, Dr Simon Ourian, and Dr Raj Acquilla, one of the world’s leading practitioners in facial aesthetics.

Awatif’s arsenal of injectable skin boosters includes NeoFound and Profhilo, perfect for tackling fine lines and adding radiance, both of which include a complimentary post-treatment face mask and massage: bliss.

She is an expert in all things laser-related and the clinic’s superb range of laser treatments target everything from scarring, pigmentation, and cellulite to collagen stimulation, hair removal and even snoring.

The best bit? You can now bring some Dermanda alchemy home with you, thanks to the launch of the clinic’s own signature skincare line, designed by Awatif herself. She has distilled her expertise in cosmetic product formulation and knowledge of how pharmaceutical and medical products interact with the body into a formidable range that comprises serums, creams and acids that are making waves amongst beauty aficionados. These results-driven, multi-tasking products have undergone the highest standards of testing for performance and stability and are made from the finest ethically sourced ingredients. The glow is real.


Turn Back the Clock

Dr. Tunc Tiryaki is a world-renowned plastic surgeon and pioneer of facial stem cell therapy,  a revolutionary procedure that rejuvenates the face with a patient’s own fat and leaves no visible scars. We meet the man behind the magic to find out more.

“This is how you looked in high school,” says Dr. Tunc Tiryaki as he carefully lifts the left side of my face, shaving years off me in an instant. “And this is exactly what we can achieve with facial stem cell treatment.” But what exactly does it involve? As Dr Tiryaki explains, after carefully evaluating every patient’s face, he harvests stem cells from their own fat using a tiny cannula, which is then injected into the face in a process that takes around two hours.

The procedure regenerates skin quality, replacing volume that is often lost with age from the bones of the face right up to the dermal layer. As the fat-derived cells are extracted from your own body, there is no risk of rejection or adverse reactions and the result is a natural transformation that will leave your face looking fuller, fresher and healthier – with minimal downtime. And it’s not only aesthetic: patients who have burn or trauma scars, soft tissue defects, or congenital or acquired asymmetries are also likely to benefit from this treatment.

While it might sound extreme, the results speak for themselves: browse Dr Tiryaki’s portfolio of delighted patients and you will be blown away. I’m sold: if this is the future of my face, roll on tomorrow.


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